Buffalo Area Daylily Society (BADS)
Welcome to our daylily club ... Founded to educate gardeners in the Western New York Area on the beauty, culture, and usefulness of Daylilies in the garden.

I am delighted to begin to serve as president of BADS in January 2013. As I sip herbal tea and gaze out the window at my snowy yard, I smile because of all the daylilies hiding beneath that snow, which would not be there without my friends at BADS. You are a talented bunch; gifted in all manner of gardening, cultivation, and stewardship. Among you there are artists, cooks, hybridizers, master gardeners, and amazingly enthusiastic volunteers. As a group you are friendly, generous, and kind. There are a lot of educators in our group –both professional and innate. If I want to learn anything about a variety of topics – botany, garden design, rocks, vermiculture, hostas - I know where to turn.
2013 President's Message:
I hope that this will be a good year for BADS. We have a lot of great members, and we will keep bringing you quality presentations as in recent years. There are always a lot of exciting things in the world of daylilies and we will do our best to keep Western New York up on things. We have a very robust acquisition program, and the daylily collection in the program is unique to BADS, and mirrors our tastes and our history. It is kind of cool to think that these plants which are spread about, nurtured, and enjoyed in members’ gardens large and small throughout Western New York are part of the BADS legacy.
So what will 2013 bring? Last year we had a record length growing season. I have great hopes for what is under that snow! This could be a banner year. All the ingredients are there. BADS is in great shape both fiscally and organizationally. There is a very active gardening community in Buffalo that welcomes and encourages our participation, we have great and knowledgeable hybridizers and growers, we are geographically surrounded by active and busy clubs, and regional and national conventions are close by this year. I encourage you to take advantage of the open gardens program and visit your friends’ gardens this season, join AHS if you are not yet a member, and support your local hybridizers when you are looking for that new and different daylily this spring. I will work very hard with the board to continue our rich tradition and make 2013 another memorable and successful year.

Paula Burkard, BADS President
May 18, 2014
BADS Mecca Meeting
Doors open at 1 pm, meeting starts at 2 pm
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