Some interesting facts about roses

From times immemorial roses have ruled the hearts of all flower lovers. Roses are a popular gift, and are suited for gifting on any occasion. Whether someone is looking for birthday flowers Australia, anniversary flowers Australia, Mother's day flowers, or flowers for any occasion, roses remain an all time favourite. Often times you choose roses when you have to send flowers to Australia for your loved ones, but have you ever wondered as to when and how these pretty flowers evolved, and how they reached this level of popularity? Read on to get a sneak peek into the history and evolution of roses.

young blonde girl with a bouquet of flowersDo you know roses existed 35 million years ago, and the earliest traces were found in Europe and Egypt? This means, roses have been mesmerising people with their sheer beauty and scent from prehistoric times. In fact, the roses were put to several interesting uses in the ancient history. It was believed that rose petals had anti ageing properties, and that you could get rid of wrinkles by using them. Due to this, the rose petals were treated as a currency by the women. Also, people thought that roses could stave off drunkenness, so rose petals were usually mixed with wine. Newly- wed couples and victorious armies were showered with roses. You can find a mention of roses in Christian, Buddhist and Confucian literature.

In the medieval period, roses became prominent in paintings especially frescoes, and samples of such paintings date back to as far as 1600 BC. In the 13th century, roses were put to industrial use, to make medicines that could cure numerous diseases. A civil war that broke out around the same period in England was known as the war of roses, and the fighting factions had chosen different coloured roses as their symbols.

In the modern era, hybrid roses emerged adding to the variety of this amazingly beautiful flower. The first hybrid came into existence in the year 1867, in the form of a hybrid tea rose called La France in France. This discovery ushered in a new era of hybrid roses, and the close of 20th century, more than 10,000 hybrids were bred.

Since ages, roses have been considered a symbol of love and beauty, and till date, it continues to be called the king of flowers. So, the next time you plan to send flowers to Australia, but you are unable to decide which flowers to choose just send across a nice bouquet or professionally designed flower arrangement made of roses because roses never fail to impress. Order them from an online florist, which can ensure same day flower delivery, so that only the freshest and prettiest roses reach your loved one's doorstep.


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